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Picture this. You have this idea going in and out of your head for days, weeks, months, oh gosh, even years.

Finally, you have an hour to spare. Your kids are asleep, your boyfriend went out with his friends, or your boss (finally) stopped bugging you about that presentation the next day.

10 minutes later, nothing.

Your pen is dripping.

Your eyes are red from staring at a blank screen.

30 minutes later, all you have are two words: 

“What now?”

An hour has passed. Still nothing.

You felt cheated.

You thought the universe has tricked you once again.

Heck, you should’ve watched a Netflix series instead.

Or better yet, get some goodnight sleep.

Believe me, I get it.

I’ve been down that road before.

I was ambitious.

I thought I can do anything.

I thought I can make this work.

Then it hit me.

i started doubting myself, my capabilities.

Where do I begin?

Who will believe me?

Am I good enough?

Will people read this?

Can I make money out of it?

Or better yet, can I make a career out of it?

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then you’ve come to the right place.

it’s okay to doubt. In fact, it’s normal.

But, if you wait for the perfect opportunity to knock on your door.

Forgive me for being harsh but the truth is, it’s NOT gonna happen.

Unless, YOU make it happen.

Which is why I created

The Greatest Digital Creatives

Here, I will teach you how to


In fact, I have a FREE Facebook group community where you can meet fellow content writers and bloggers with entrepreneurial mindset. Ask questions, contribute, and establish meaningful connection with peers. 

If you really want this, I got you. (bro fist)

But to make this work, you have to do these first:

1. Create a schedule. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, having time dedicated to write is essential. This will help you stay focused and get rid of distractions.
2. Find a mentor. A hero, someone to look up to. Someone who can be brutally honest and inspire you.
3. Choose a mantra. Something to uplift your spirit. Remember, Saul Goodman? Before appearing to the court, he would face the mirror and say “It’s showtime, folks.” Or Timone and Pumbaa’s Hakuna matata.
4. Believe. If no one’s gonna do it, who will?
5. Prepare to fail. Hear me out. Not everything will turn out as you planned. But the best part is, you can always push the RESET button and start over. That’s how you learn, bruh.

So, are you in? Awesome.

Your journey begins today.

See you inside.

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