20 Different Types of Blog Posts That Drive Massive Traffic to Your New Blog

blog post 20 Different types of blog posts that drive massive traffic to new blogs The Greatest Digital Creatives

When I started freelancing, I didn’t know that there are different types of blog posts. During the early years of the internet, blogs are simply online diaries. Here, we talk about our failed relationships, write cheesy poems, and short stories no one would read. Honestly, we didn’t even care. For writers, having an avenue to […]

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15 Highly Profitable freelance services new bloggers can offer

blog post 15 highly-profitable freelance services you can offer as a new blogger The Greatest Digital Creatives

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read the disclaimer for more info. I want to grow my blog to produce a steady monthly income. Meanwhile, how can I make money NOW? Hello, everyone. How are you? Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope everything is well with you and your loved ones.  […]

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30 Valentine’s Day email subject lines your subscribers will love

blog post 30 Valentine's day email subject lines your subscribers will love the greatest digital creatives

Happy Valentine’s day! I hope you had fun spending time with your loved ones. And since we’re in the blogging niche, let’s not forget our email subscribers, yeah? Interaction between our audiences online may not be as intimate as what we have with our friends and family. But it’s still nice to let them feel […]

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85 Valentine’s day blog post ideas to get email subscribers fast

blog post 85 Valentine's day blog post ideas to get email subscribers fast the greatest digital creatives

Are you searching the internet for last-minute Valentine’s day blog post ideas? Here is a list of topics your audience will definitely be interested in.  If you choose any of these, you can expand your blog post idea by using popular keywords this month. You can use tools like Keywords Everywhere and Ubersuggest to look […]

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What is content marketing? (How to get amazing results in 2020)

blog post what is content marketing (how to get amazing results in 2020) the greatest digital creatives

Your business is KING. Content marketing is the QUEEN.   So, after a series of setbacks, you’ve finally decided to start your online business. Sweet. Your website is killing it. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are all set. Products (physical or digital) are thirsty to get in the hands of your buyers/clients. BUT (here comes the […]

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7 Things They Don’t Tell You About Freelance Content Writing

blog post 7 Things They Don’t Tell You About Freelance Content Writing the greatest digital creatives

The internet has revolutionized the way we do business. More business means more opportunities. I’m one of those who benefited from it. Content writing never slipped my mind, until job offers started pouring. That’s when I decided, I’m home (literally and figuratively). Some people say that freelance content writing has changed their careers (and lives) […]

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