35 Must-join Facebook groups for bloggers: Blogging tips, promotion, and growth

blog post 35 Must-join Facebook groups for bloggers_ Blogging tips, promotion, and growth The Greatest Digital Creatives

Are you an active Facebook user? If yes, then I’m sure you’ve created, managed, or joined a Facebook group or two. 

What is a Facebook group? 

A Facebook group is a public or private community of Facebook users with common interests. In our case, there are Facebook groups for bloggers.

Are there rules to follow when you join Facebook groups for bloggers?


First, you need to answer a few questions for gates to open.

If not, it clearly means you’re not really serious about getting in. 

By answering questions, Facebook group owners learn about the people who want to join their group. Moreover, it allows group owners to prevent lurkers, scammers, and trolls from destroying the peace and integrity of a particular Facebook group community.

Facebook is even dead serious about the spread of fake news these days. In fact, in my Facebook group, there’s a Group Quality tab. It says Facebook will notify me when a member violates certain community guidelines or distributes fake news.  

I’m very pleased with how Facebook is treating my group, too. Some of my members come from “Facebook group suggestions”.

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Thanks, Facebook. Wuv wuv. 🙂


What are the benefits of joining Facebook groups for bloggers?

1. Think “International”

Most Facebook groups for bloggers are created by U.S. based bloggers. But, bloggers from around the world are welcome. It’s an incredible feeling to be part of a global community. Plus, it motivates you to grow each day and know the latest in the blogging industry.

2. Meet fellow bloggers in your niche

Are you a lifestyle blogger looking for inspiration? Facebook groups are perfect places to find fellow bloggers in your niche. Make new friends. Offer guest post opportunities or podcast interviews.

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3. Offer your services 

If you are a blogger offering freelance services (like me), you will find clients inside Facebook groups. So, if you’re tired of looking for online jobs in platforms like Upwork or LinkedIn, Facebook groups are one of the best places out there to find jobs.

4. Get “legit” blogging tips 

From choosing your domain name, up to productivity hacks, members inside Facebook groups for bloggers will always lend a hand. You may not find the best answer (always). But members share their own experience, failures, and success in blogging. Nothing can be more legit than that. 

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5. Achieve an increase in website traffic

Inside Facebook groups for bloggers are daily threads.

For example, Jen’s Facebook group Pinfinite Traffic for Bloggers, is focused on driving traffic to your blog through Pinterest. You can participate in daily threads like Pin click 50, Pin click 20, Pin comments, and Blog Clicks. 

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If you join her threads every day, it’s impossible not to get hundreds of website clicks every week.

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6. Find great deals for online courses

There are bloggers who join and/or create Facebook groups to promote digital products ie. courses, ebooks, coaching sessions. Sometimes, they offer exclusive discount codes and affiliate programs for group members.

Or group members get first dibs on free and new products. For example inside my Facebook group, I upload my free blogging resources in the units tab first, before making the announcement on my Facebook page. Therefore, my members get their free copies first.

35 Facebook groups for bloggers to get 100 page views everyday The Greatest Digital Creatives

35 Must-join Facebook groups for bloggers

Here is a list of Facebook groups that will help you promote, ask questions, learn a thing or two about entrepreneurship, and offer services.  

  1. The Greatest by Cherrie Ann Balictar
  2. Pinfinite Traffic for Bloggers by Jen Towkaniuk
  3. Goal Digger Podcast Insiders by Jenna Kutcher
  4. Becoming a Blogger by Cate Rosales
  5. Aselfguru- Biz Blog Community by Amira Irfan
  6. Bloggers Camp by Arfa Nazeer
  7. Blogging for New Bloggers by Lucrezia and Marina
  8. Writing Revolters by Jorden Makelle
  9. WPBeginner Engage- WordPress help for Non-Techies
  10. Morgs Eliz: Online Boss Squad
  11. Bloggers Unite on Pinterest
  12. Blogging Babes Collective by Sasha Lassey
  13. Pinterest for Lady Bloggers & Business Owners
  14. Blogger Supporting Bloggers by Jasmine Watts
  15. Blogging Boss Chicks by  Ashly of The Rich Girl Blog
  16. Barefoot Bloggers
  17. Boss Girl Bloggers by Ell Duclos
  18. Create and Go Blogging Community by Alex and Lauren
  19. Blogging Newbs of McKinzie Bean of momsmakecents.com
  20. Inside Search by Matthew Woodward
  21. Easy Blogging by Emily of easyblogemily.com
  22. Golden Bloggerz: Online Blogging Community by Chris Kosto
  23. Click Through Blogging
  24. Rank Math SEO Plugin
  25. Pinterest Follow 4 Follow, Repins, and Comments
  26. Pinterest Pals by Amber Temeritti Lozzi
  27. Connect and Cultivate with Ivory Mix
  28. The Teachable Tribe
  29. Content Writers – (Hiring + Projects)
  30. New Bloggers Support Group for Women by Lisa Roe
  31. Raelyn’s Online Business Friends
  32. Bright Bloggers + Business by Allison Lindstrom and Kristin Larsen
  33. Boost Your Blog 101
  34. Help a Blogger Out
  35. Pinterest Ninjas with Megan Johnson


Facebook groups for bloggers are excellent avenues to meet fellow bloggers, collaborate, self-promote, and offer services. 

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But know that in order for you to benefit from these Facebook groups, you must PARTICIPATE.  You can do so by commenting on daily threads, asking questions, and of course, taking action. 

Lastly, do not be intimidated. Some members have been blogging for years. Others earn at least $1000/month (or more). As a new blogger, it’s difficult not to feel the pressure. However, this is exactly what we need. When you find a community that understands you and your blogging goals, the journey somehow gets easy and more purposeful.

Take care.

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