The Greatest Digital Creatives Learn. Apply. Monetize. Sun, 02 Aug 2020 12:59:26 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Greatest Digital Creatives 32 32 20 Best YouTube channels to help develop your entrepreneur mindset as a new blogger Sun, 05 Jul 2020 03:26:28 +0000 Ever heard of the entrepreneur mindset? Is it important to have this kind of mindset as a new blogger? 

Hello, everyone Welcome back to The Greatest. If you’re new here, hi, I’m Cherrie. How are ya? This blog is all about success-driven strategies to help new bloggers achieve clarity and focus. 

Today, let’s talk about the entrepreneur mindset. 

According to Prominence Global, the entrepreneur mindset is composed of three elements: 

  1. Beliefs – this element is about an entrepreneurs belief to succeed
  2. Focus – This element covers grit, the ability to focus on a specific goal and work hard to achieve it no matter what  
  3. Attitude – this element refers to you physical, mental, and emotional traits that can strengthen or weaken your entrepreneur mindset

Moreover, The Hack Entrepreneur defines the entrepreneur mindset as one’s ability to:

  • Improve your skills
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Take action on an idea

Therefore, an entrepreneur mindset is comprised of positive traits that will strengthen your ability to run a business. In our case, a blogging business. As a new blogger, this can be quite a challenge. 

I mean, you’re just getting started with WordPress, SEO, Pinterest, and social media marketing. Now, you have to think like an entrepreneur? 

Believe me, I get it. 

As someone who doesn’t have a “proper” business background, there are instances when I just drop everything, stay away from the computer for a few hours, and play with my dogs.

A quick reset, if you will.  

I mean, blogging is never easy. I don’t think it will be. 

But with the right mindset, tasks can be simplified. This way you can create a system that works so you can run the business smoothly. 

Looking at where you can get inspiration and ideas on how to develop your entrepreneur mindset?

Of course, there’s YouTube. 

Here are the best YouTube channels for entrepreneurs which will help you improve your growth and entrepreneur mindset as a new blogger. 

1. Allison Lindstrom

I started binge-watching her YouTube videos in October 2018, 30 days before I started The Greatest.  I love the way she explains everything about how to start a blog. Her videos are straight to the point and don’t talk about her love for writing. 

Instead, she talks about blogging from a business point-of-view. 
Find her on Allison Lindstrom and Blogging to Win.

2. Anastasia blogger

Looking for ways on how to use Pinterest effectively? Check out Anastacia’s YouTube channel. 

Her videos cover tips on how to make money with Pinterest, how to get traffic, pin designs, and Pinterest SEO and analytics.  

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3. Cathrin Manning (The Content Bug)

When Cathrin started her YouTube channel, the main goal is to use the platform to drive more traffic to her blog. 

She creates videos about how to start a blog, Pinterest management, and freelancing. 

In 2019, she started making videos about YouTube i.e. how to start a YouTube channel, how to get monetized, how to gain subscribers, etc. 

Suddenly, her channel blew up. Now she’s on the road to having 200k subscribers. 

So if you think a YouTube channel will help your brand grow, check out her channel, Instagram, and blog

4. Create and Go

I have mentioned Create and Go from a previous blog post. It is created by the power couple, Alex and Lauren. 

I appreciate how they talk about their success and failures as full-time bloggers. 

Yup, their first blog failed. 

But the mistakes they’ve learned from that blog allowed them to start another one (a health and fitness blog, Avocadu), which paved the way for Create and Go. 

Now, Create and Go offers self-paced online courses which will walk you through on how to start a blog, all the way to monetization. 

Find them on Avocadu and Create and Go.

5. Digital Marketer

If you want insights on the ins and outs of the digital marketing industry, The Digital Marketer is the perfect go-to YouTube channel for you. As a new blogger, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to run a blogging business. Digital Marketer is a wonderful solution. 

Learn more about blogs and content marketing here:

Uplevel your marketing skills with free training, resources, and content every week:

6. Digital She.E.O.

The Digital She.E.O. is created by Jen Towkaniuk. I found her on one of the Facebook groups for bloggers that I joined. Aside from blogging, Jen covers everything from affiliate marketing, social media marketing, all the way to creating your personal brand. 

If you’re struggling with Pinterest, check out Pinfinite Traffic Bootcamp, her new course about doing Pinterest marketing the right way.

Connect with her on The Digital She.E.O. 

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7. Erin May Henry

Erin May Henry is an entrepreneur, YouTube content creator, and founder of The Game Changer Company. She helps women in their journey towards personal and business growth. 

I love her YouTube channel because it gives fresh insights about running an online business and taking action. Besides, a lot of people think about shortcuts that makes life easy. But Erin talks about the struggles of building a business and how to persevere. 

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8. Gillian Perkins

Gillian Perkins is an entrepreneur, author, the founder of Startup Society, and the host of the Earn More Work Less podcast. 

Like Cathrin Manning, her YouTube channel talks about how to start and grow profitable online businesses. But most of her recent videos gear into how to start and grow a YouTube channel. 

9. Girl and the Word

Girl and the Word is not a business channel. In fact, here you can find devotional videos that encompass DIY projects, cooking, home decor, gardening, and more. But I included this channel in the list because Anh (the content creator) recently opened The Hooga Shop, an online store that sells handmade ceramics to artisanal candles and minimalistic decor. 

Also, I see a lot of depiction of abundance in her channel, as long as your heart is in the right place. I think that’s one of the ways to strengthen your entrepreneur mindset, too. When you know that your heart is in the right place, everything follows.

10. Income School

This YouTube channel talks about SEO, writing blog posts, creating a Youtube channel, and affiliate marketing.

The Income School offers an online course called Project 24. This course teaches you how to create passive income in a span of 24 months.

11. Joe Rogan Experience

I love this YouTube channel. Joe Rogan interviews some of the best people from around the world. My favorites are his interview with Elon Musk and Kevin Hart. 

I remember what Kevin Hart said about his career. “I am married to my job. I’m dating my family.”

12. Katie Steckly

Katie is an Instagram marketing expert. In her YouTube channel, you will learn how to use Instagram to get clients, how to get more followers, how to use hashtags, and more. So if you think that Instagram will drive more traffic to your site, or you want to make money with sponsored posts, check out her channel. 

13. Lavendaire 

Lavendaire is a YouTube channel about personal growth and how to create your dream life. I love this channel because it shows that it’s possible to have a balance between your career and your personal life. It isn’t the perfect balance. But at least you get to enjoy your personal life, and excel in your business or career. 

14. Matt d Avella

If you are curious about what it’s like to be a minimalist, check out Matt’s channel. But what I love most about this channel is his videos about productivity, discipline, and creativity. As content creators, our workflow is entirely different from regular office jobs. Therefore, the approach to stay focused and productive is entirely different, too. 

15. Suzi W Start a Mom Blog

Just like Allison Lindstrom, Suzi Whitford of Start a Mom Blog is another channel about starting and monetizing a blogging business. In fact, she recently launched a course called Printables by Number that teaches you how to create and sell your own products on your blog.

16. The Financial Diet 

If you’re bad with me money, or at least trying to be good at it, The Financial Diet is an excellent channel. It covers topics about saving, investing, debt, and basically everything that has something to do with money. 

17. The Greatest Digital Creatives

Did you know that I have a YouTube channel? Video editing isn’t one of my strongest traits, which is why it takes a while for me to repurpose my blog posts into videos. But please subscribe because I have been creating videos for a while which I’ll upload very soon. 

18. Vanessa Lau

Another Instagram expert is Vanessa Lau. She creates YouTube videos about how to turn your followers to clients and how to leverage social media to create massive tribes and drive quality leads to client-based businesses.⁣

19. Pomplamoose 

Okay, Pomplamoose is a music channel. It is created by married couple Jack Conte and Natalie Dawn. The reason why I added them in this list is that aside from making music, Jack Conte is also the founder and CEO of Patreon, a membership platform for artists and creators to get paid. 

According to Jack, it’s been a long and weird 100 years for artists to earn a living by doing what they love. Patreon may have solved the problem, 

20. Wholesale Ted

Do you want to scale your blogging business with print-on-demand and dropshipping? Then this channel is for you. Here, you will find

  • Case studies on successful e-commerce stores
  • Tutorials for apps & online tools
  • Low-cost, beginner-friendly product sourcing methods (Print On Demand & Dropshipping)
  • Videos to help you with the “legal stuff” (creating refund policies, setting up taxes, etc)


I can’t say that anyone can develop an entrepreneur mindset. For some, this is the road less traveled. And as a new blogger, it’s both scary and exciting. Good thing we’re now in the digital world. Hopefully, my list of the best YouTube channels for entrepreneurs will get you inspired, motivated, and attain clarity and focus towards your blogging goals. 

What other YouTube channels are you subscribed to? Do they influence your decisions when it comes to starting and growing your blog? Let me know in the comments. 

Take care. 

How to take action: achieve your blogging goals and build a blog that supports the life you want Thu, 02 Jul 2020 05:52:12 +0000 This post may contain affiliate links. Please read the disclaimer for more info.

How to take action – the not-so-sexy part of starting a blogging business.

Recently, I conducted a survey inside my Facebook group (it’s free to join by the way), about common struggles of aspiring and new bloggers on how to build a blog. 

Some of the responses I received were:

I love to write but I don’t know if to build a blog is for me

I don’t think it’s something I’d like to invest my money on

I’m scared to put my work out in the world

Imagine if Britney Spears had these thoughts going on in her head while she’s starting out with her career.

Who’s going to be the princess of pop then? Christina Aguilera? Duh.

If you’re Team Britney or Team Christina, it doesn’t matter. I’m not here to pick a fight.

But, get what I mean?

The responses I received on how to take action have nothing to do with the lack of skills. Rather, it’s the mindset that’s stopping you to reach your blogging goals.

Today, let’s figure out what you need to do on how to take action. Hopefully, you will apply these helpful tips ASAP.

This is part of the mindset blog posts I’ve been publishing lately.

If you’re new here, hi, welcome. Cherrie here. How are ya?

You can go over these blog posts after your done reading this.  

How to overcome self-doubt as a new blogger

Flying solo: Can I start my (blogging) business alone?

Blogger burnout: How to cut the overwhelm and earn more as a new blogger

Where to find inspiration for blog post ideas: quarantine edition

Simple and practical tips to pursue smart blogging goals while in quarantine

Let’s get started

Why taking action is so hard?

How to build a blog is one thing. How to take action is another. The first statement is an ambition, while the latter is butt-kicking action. 

1. Your blogging goals is uncertain

Cliche or not, you will always go back to remembering your WHY.

Why did you start a blog?

If you’ve been blogging for years and STILL not making money, it’s okay.

Besides, if your blog is just a hobby, you wouldn’t really consider making money off of it. 

BUT, if you decide to start a blogging business, you may have to revisit your answer to this question.

If you can’t, it’s time to step back and do some “soul searching.”

Your blogging goals will help you determine if this is the business you really want to build. Moreover, it allows you to get a deeper perspective on how you see your blog in the future.

2. Self-doubt is blocking your way

I have talked about self-doubt in a previous blog post. Basically, it’s sabotaging your blogging goals and thinking you’re not “pretty enough”. 

But let me tell you this, self-doubt is very difficult to get over.

I have battled with my self-doubt for years. Honestly, the thought doesn’t go away. Instead, it’s something I find manageable.

3. You wait (and wait, and wait some more) to FINALLY be motivated

Yup, the a-ha moment. 

You wait for this your whole life. And when it finally arrived, your blogging goals don’t resonate with your life goals anymore.

4. You don’t have “the time”

Do you have a 9-to-5 that you super hate but can’t quit?

Are you raising kids on your own?

Time flies so fast that we even forget the most important events in our life.

Your best friend’s birthday.

Your wedding anniversary.

Your (stupid) first kiss.

Even those that are simple as appreciating the sunrise when you wake up.

Or the sea of stars on a clear dark sky.

Time is of the essence. 

But instead of treating it as your friend.

Time becomes your enemy.

5. It’s hard

I didn’t finish my Master’s degree in English Language Teaching because “it’s hard.” 

I was able to complete my units (all 46 of them) but I wasn’t able to defend my thesis.

That time, I was working on Joseph Campbell’s mythology in science fiction stories.

Gawd, it’s hard. 

His books are like endangered animal species, they almost cease to exist.

I can make sense of everything in my head, but “it’s hard” to express it in writing.

Same thing with blogging. Many are interested to build a blog. But not everyone will do it because “it’s hard.”

6. You don’t have a business background

I have a Bachelor’s degree in arts major in Literature. 

My one and only “business background” was 3 units of business writing. That’s it.

I know nothing about digital marketing, and worse, how to build a blog. 

My blogging goals were waaayyy beyond my imagination.

My skills and knowledge over the years I acquired from watching YouTube videos about WordPress, and freelance writing for clients.

I learned how to take action through learning while doing. 

That’s where I got my tagline for The Greatest.

Learn. Apply. Monetize.

7. You may be building the wrong business

Are you sure you want to build a blog?

Does it resonate with the life you’re trying to make for yourself?

If not, maybe you’re building the wrong business.

I think frustration starts to kick in when you put so much effort into your blog and not get anything in return. Thus, the desire to make money comes in.

But let me be clear, that even if money is involved, that shouldn’t be our only reason to start a blog.

We’re talking about your life’s work. your magnum opus.

8. It’s not something you enjoy doing

Do you love to write?

If yes, what kind of writing do you enjoy?

Novels? Short stories? Poetry?

These are really good avenues in expressing your poetic flair.

But, starting to build a blog as a business is entirely different from literature. 

Blog writing is business writing.

Literature is art

Of course, you can use blog posts to market your literary works.

But if this isn’t part of your blogging goals, chances are, you won’t enjoy blogging. 

If that happens, you can actually focus on writing literary works, and then have a team or an agency work on a marketing strategy.

More like writing a book and finding a publisher.

Or a painting exhibit handled by a curator.

9. You want a get-rich-quick scheme

If you are looking for astonishing testimonials on how to make money blogging, you will find lots of them on Pinterest. 

Testimonials like “How I earned my first $1k in 3 months after starting a blog” is spectacular. 

But is this REALLY and GENUINELY something that will help you keep going?

How about, life has been difficult for you financially, and you’re looking for alternatives on how to make money fast.

Well, my friend. blogging isn’t going to help.

10. You’re scared about what other people will say

It’s hard to be unbothered.

This has something to do with what I mentioned in number 2, self-doubt. 

It’s hard to stay focused when you feel critics are constantly breathing down your neck.

Or worse, you will find people online who’d love to see you fail.

Shit happens. I know.

Who would expect the world can be this crazy.


Simple and effective tips on how to take action, achieve your blogging goals, and build a blog that supports the life you want

Now that we’re able to identify the common reasons that stop you on how to take action, it’s time to look at solutions. 

1. Work on your mindset

This weekend, I challenge you to take at least 30 minutes of your time to sit down and reevaluate your blogging goals. 

Think about your short term and long term goals.

Here are some questions to help you get started.

  • Why do I want to start a blog?
  • Is building a blog something that I really, REALLY want?
  • Who am I helping?
  • What do I need to do to achieve my blogging goals?
  • How can I diversify my income?
  • How much do I want to earn every month/year?
  • How can I make time to build a blog?

2. Decide NOW if blogging is for you (if not sell it)

Did you know that you can build a blog and sell it?

In fact, I learned about it from Chelsea Clarke of Her Paper Route. She even has the perfect online course to turn your blog into a valuable asset, worthy of selling for top dollar at auction.

So if building a blog is your thing, but you’re not sure if you want to keep it, consider blog flipping as an online business.

Her Paper Route Blog Flipping Masterclass

3. Be super specific about your blogging goals

Instead of

I will build a blog this 2020.

Make it

I will build a blog and launch it on July 30.

Instead of 

I will grow my Pinterest account

Make it 

I will have my first 100k monthly views in 30 days.

The more specific your goals are, the better. This way, you will have clarity and focus on what to prioritize, and what steps to take to achieve your blogging goals.

3. Build a blog that supports the life you want

Are you camera shy?

They why post selfies on Instagram every day if you’re uncomfortable doing it?

Is wearing makeup ruining your skin?

They why start a blog about how you love makeup?

Scared of traveling alone?

Then why start a blog about how you love traveling solo?

Build a blog that supports the life you want.

Create a safe place for you and your audience. How to take action shouldn’t be against your ideals as a blogger just because money is involved.

Build a blog that shows your true character. Lure your audience to a blog that provides value.

4. Make the time to build a blog

Ask yourself…

How many hours per day do I spend on my blog?

Aside from offering my services to clients, I spend at least 5 to 6 hours every day for The Greatest, writing blog posts, scheduling social media posts, and planning for new products and services to offer.

There are tasks that you can automate.

For example, scheduling your pins using Tailwind, or using Planoly for scheduling Instagram posts.

If not, you can always delegate the tasks you think is disrupting your workflow.

Find out which ones you want to prioritize, and leave the rest to your VA.

5. Learn while doing

It was on November 1, 2018, when I finally decided to create The Greatest. I have played around with for many years. But this is the first time that I will use

After two months of watching YouTube videos, reading blog posts, and buying courses in Udemy, I was able to officially launch the website on January 28, 2919.

It was a tedious process, believe me. I should’ve hired someone to do it. But I’m glad I didn’t. Or else, I wouldn’t have the knowledge and skill in WordPress that I can use to help aspiring and new bloggers like you.

Everything is trial and error. As a solopreneur, the excitement and pressure of starting a blogging business is on your shoulders.

The trick is to keep breathing.

7. Be patient

If time is the enemy, patience is the antihero.

My patience is at capacity.

There are instances when I just want to drop everything and call it quits.

But looking back at what I’ve endured building The Greatest, I certainly can’t give up now.

For me, patience is acquired.

It’s not innate.

And once you get the hang of it, it’s something you need to treasure.

Because patience my friend, is going to be your new BFF when you start a blog.

8. Don’t give a f*ck

Have you read Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck?

This book had me at Bukowski.

Chapter 1 talks about why we should f*ck everything that’s unimportant.

Instead, focus your energy on your life goals, and f*ck the rest.

Try your best to remain unbothered.

9. Create strategies that will work for you

If you have a 9-5, it’s not realistic to publish blog posts everyday.

Your decision to build a blog should not interfere with your life. Rather, it should be an integral part of your life.

10. Do it 

No one else will.

We’re talking about your blogging goals here, not others.

I’d say go for it.

Otherwise, create something that you find purposeful.



I hope you find this helpful.

How to take action is incredibly tedious.

I hope you find your rhythm.

To build a blog and achieve your blogging goals is a big decision that can make or break you.

Well, life is short. Let’s make it amazing.

Take care.

15 Amazing and Free WordPress Plugins New Bloggers Need to Stand Out Fri, 26 Jun 2020 22:00:00 +0000 This post may contain affiliate links. Please read the disclaimer for more info. 

Hello, everyone. Thanks for stopping by. Today, we will discuss another topic under the blogging basics. That is free WordPress plugins for new bloggers.  

If you’re not a WordPress user yet, you should know that it’s the best platform for blogging. Yup, there’s bias in my statement, and that’s because IT IS THE BEST platform out there.  

Now, this isn’t coming from someone who has a background in Computer Science. 

I’m a Literature major, by the way (wink).

But as a freelance content writer, WordPress taught me so much about SEO. From using Yoast to RankMath, how to optimize images, keyword research, you name it. WordPress is my BFF. 

Therefore, I strongly believe that being familiar with the ins and outs of WordPress is part of the blogging basics. It is a powerful tool to help new bloggers stand out.  

Let’s get started. 

What are WordPress plugins?

A WordPress plugin allows you to customize your WordPress blog to your liking. Written in PHP programming, WordPress plugins are created to add features and functionality to your WordPress blog. This is ideal, especially to new bloggers who have zero to less experience in bootstrap or WordPress custom coding.

What FREE WordPress Plugins do I need for my blog?  

Contact Form 7

When you visit my Work with Me page, there is a section below which allows you to send me a message. That is the Contact Form 7 plugin. 

You can create multiple forms using this plugin. You can also change the settings to where you want your messages sent. Beware though, this plugin cannot filter spam messages. You have to delete them manually. 

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

If you’ve read my blog post about how much money I spent on my first year blogging, you can see that I used a table to create a list of my business expenses, the item, description, and amount. 

For this, I used the Data Tables Generator by Supsystic plugin. Aside from easy-to-use tables, you can use this free WordPress plugin to create charts, diagrams, graphs, and many others. 

Easy Table of Contents

I started having issues with this plugin when I switched from Yoast SEO to RankMath. But as soon as RankMath users raised the issue to them, it was resolved immediately.

As you can see, my blog posts are at least 1000 words long. Therefore, I need a table of contents for easy content navigation. 

Other features of this free WordPress plugin are:

  • Auto- insert
  • Supports smooth scrolling
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Works with the Classic Editor, Gutenberg, Divi, Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder and Visual Composer page editors


Elementor is a web page builder. I learned about Elementor by watching YouTube tutorials by Ferdy Korpershoek. And now, I’ve been using it non-stop. Sure, there are free WordPress themes that look good as it is. But Elementor brings your website to a whole new level. It has drag-and-drop features, which makes designing your WordPress blog super easy. 

Simple. Powerful. Flexible. 

For The Greatest, I use a combination of the OceanWP theme and Elementor.  

If you need help in setting it up, let’s have a chat. Book a free call today

Insert Headers and Footers

If you need to insert HTML codes to your WordPress blog without messing up the whole website, this free WordPress plugin is all you need. It allows you to insert Facebook pixel code, Google Analytics code, Javascript, and it’s simple and quick to set up.

Ocean Extra

When you install and activate the OceapWP theme, it prompts you to install the Ocean Extra plugin. This is an extension of the theme, which allows you to get more functionality like widgets, metaboxes, theme scripts, and styles.

Rank Math SEO

I broke up with Yoast SEO for about 2 months now. We sure had good times. But, I moved on (wink). Rank Math offers advanced features that Yoast SEO users can only get if they sign up for the paid plan.

Some of the best features I enjoy with this free WordPress plugin are:

  • Setup Wizard (Easy to follow)
    Rank Math practically configures itself. Rank Math features a step-by-step installation and configuration wizard that sets up SEO for WordPress perfectly.
  • Google Schema Markup aka Rich Snippets Integrated
    Configuring Google Schema Markup, aka Rich Snippets, is now easy, thanks to Rank Math, you’ll be able to optimize your posts in just a few clicks. It also includes the FAQ Schema aka FAQPage Schema Block in the plugin.
  • Optimize Unlimited Keywords
    Unlike other plugins, Rank Math lets you optimize your posts for unlimited focus keywords per post. (5 by default. Increase by adding this filter)
  • Google Search Console Integration
    Rank Math saves you a ton of time by integrating with Google Search Console and displaying important information about your website right inside WordPress.
  • Google Keyword Ranking
    With Rank Math SEO Plugin, you can track your keyword rankings in Google.
  • Optimal Settings Pre-Selected
    Configuring an SEO plugin takes time, and can be confusing. Rank Math saves you the trouble with its optimal default settings, which are ideal for most websites, and if needed, can be changed.
  • LSI Keyword Tool Integrated
    Rank Math’s integrated LSI keyword tool gives you multiple keyword variations of your focus keyword, which helps you attract more traffic to your posts.
  • Add Overlay Icons On Social Images
    Rank Math makes social thumbnails click magnets by giving you the option of overlaying a GIF or a video icon on the thumbnail.
  • Advanced SEO Analysis Tool
    With just a single click, Rank Math can perform an SEO audit of your website

Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share is a free WordPress plugin I use for my readers to share my content easily. This plugin caters to over 100 social sharing and bookmarking services, including Tumblr, Reddit, and Whatsapp.

This free WordPress plugin has cute-looking vector icons for social sharing.

Site Kit by Google

My first blog post with The Greatest is about how to install this free WordPress plugin. Using this plugin, I can check my Google Analytics without logging out of WordPress. I simply go to my Dashboard>Google Site Kit. 

Here’s how to install it

Smash Balloon Instagram Feed

When you scroll down to any of my web pages, you will find my Instagram feed, and that is possible with this free WordPress plugin. 

It’s very easy and simple to customize. However, there are instances where glitches occur, ie. new posts not showing immediately. But glitches are normal. No need to do anything because the issue resolves on its own.


Updraft Plus – Backup/Restore

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Puh-lease, back up your WordPress website at least once a week. 

A few days ago, I made a mistake of installing an outdated WordPress plugin. Moments later, my admin login page is no longer available. My heart was raising. I didn’t know what to do. Good thing my web host, Interserver was able to fix it, but not entirely. 

Good thing I have this free WordPress plugin. Because of Updraft Plus, I was able to restore my website in no time. 

WP Content Copy & No Right Click

This isn’t the first time I mentioned this free WordPress plugin. My blog post on how to blog legally includes additional guidelines on how to protect your blog from content theft. Aside from purchasing legal pages, I have this plugin to avoid visitors from copying and pasting my work in verbatim. This is not 100% effective. Thieves will always find a way to steal. But for now, a combination of my legal pages and this plugin has got me covered. 

WP-Optimize Clean, Compress, Cache

Thanks to this free WordPress plugin, my blog is faster and cleaner. This plugin:

  1. allows you to clean and optimize your database
  2. gives you the option to compress your images
  3. allows you to cache your pages, for super-fast load times (read more caching information below)

Plus, it works well with my Updraft Plus plugin. I can do a fast cleanup first, before I backup my website. 

WP – Sweep

This WordPress plugin cleans: 

  • Revisions
  • Auto drafts
  • Deleted comments
  • Unapproved comments
  • Spammed comments
  • Deleted comments

WPS Hide – Login 

By default, you can access any WordPress blog login page by adding wp-admin after the URL. This is an easy way for hackers to log in to your WordPress blog and do nasty things. 

The solution is to hide it. That is where this plugin comes in. Instead of using wp-admin to log in, you can customize it. Just create something that’s hard to guess.


Blog post update:

Social Warfare

I changed the theme of my blog on May 24, 2020. Notice the minimalist features? Therefore, I’m not using the Sassy Social Share plugin anymore. But I’d still recommend it. I’ve used it for long and it does the job. Meanwhile, I switched to Social Warfare which goals well with my WordPress theme. So far I like it.

GDPR Cookie Consent

To adhere to the GDPR guidelines, I also installed the GDPR cookie consent plugin on June 27, 2020.

The General Data Protection Regulation is a European Union law that was implemented on May 25, 2018, and requires organizations to safeguard personal data and uphold the privacy rights of anyone in EU territory. 

Click here to get more details about this law.

My website hasn’t reached UK soil yet. Better be safe than sorry.

How to install free WordPress plugins on my blog

To install any WordPress plugin, simply go to your Dashboard> Plugins> Add new> Type the name of the plugin you want to install> Install> Activate


In a previous blog, I shared how much money I spent running a blog on my first year. Reading that blog post again made me realize what a journey it’s been. I am very happy with my “business expenses”, especially having a reliable domain name and web host, that is home to The Greatest

My most recent investment, having legal pages from Amira of is also a relief. I don’t want to expose my work and myself against content theft. The least I can do is protect it on my end. 

I think new bloggers must realize how important a blog is. Having such amazing (and not to mention FREE) WordPress plugins is part of the blogging basics. If you haven’t switched to a self-hosted WordPress website yet, I hope you give this a consideration. 

Every day is another day to be better. Keep an open mind. Try different strategies. Create a routine. In time, you’ll realize you’re no longer faking it till you make it. Because you actually MADE IT. 

Do you use any of the free WordPress plugins I mentioned on this list?

Anything you’d like to add?

Take care.

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Honest truth: Start-up cost of blogging to make money Fri, 19 Jun 2020 08:00:00 +0000 When was the last time you had a breakthrough? Mine was in 2016. Blogging to make money never crossed my mind. I was a full-time college instructor, working my ass off because I needed money to pay for my tuition. At that time, I was taking a Master’s degree in English Language Teaching. I was exhausted. Working from Mondays through Fridays, and studying during weekends. I thought that’s what you do to achieve your dreams, right? Then, I realized:

Originally published on January 16, 2020

Updated on June 19, 2020

Am I really pursuing my dream, or someone else’s?

You see, I’ve always wanted to teach. For me, it’s what I do best. 

I love talking to my students about literature, movies, music, and art.

I enjoy reading their essays and short stories. 

And I also love how they open up their hearts and minds to me when there’s no one else to talk to. 

But, here’s THE THING.

I’m an introvert. 

When it comes to fitting in, I fail miserably.

I hate gossiping about colleagues.

I don’t kiss ass.

Most of all, I don’t show off. 

I just have a unique way of teaching.    

Believe me, others hate it when you’re DIFFERENT.

So, I left. 

I left the only job I know that gives me purpose. 

Fast forward to January of 2016. 

I checked an email from Jobstreet that a company is looking for a course creator. 


And that’s how my career as a freelance content writer started.

I created my profile on various platforms:





The best part, I get to work from home wearing an oversized t-shirt with no pants on. (wink)

Life’s good. 

But then, remember what others say that you have to make money while you sleep?

I can’t. 

I don’t make money if I step away from my computer.  

Ergo, I have to do something. 

So, I scoured the internet for information.

But, I REALLY want to stick with what I’m already doing. 

My clients earn millions for my blog posts.

There goes my wake-up call. 

I want to make millions. This time, for me.

So, I started The Greatest Digital Creatives.

Because of my blog, I landed premium high-paying clients.

I was able to meet more people online who are in the same line of business.

Lastly, I was able to create my own platform where I can still teach. This time without being judged about why I do things differently. 


But let’s go back to our main topic: 

How much is the startup cost in blogging to make money?

First, let’s go over the essentials. : 

To be a seriously-legit blogger who makes money, you will need:

  1. A website
  2. Social media accounts 

Wait. That’s it?

Well, essentially. Still, there are tools you need behind the scenes.

Let’s go over that in a little bit. 

Mind you, the start-up cost for blogging to make money varies depending on what kind of blog you are starting. 

For example, if it’s a beauty blog, you need to buy products to review.

If you’re starting a travel blog, of course, you will spend money on transportation, hotel accommodations, itinerary, etc.

A food blog will have to spend money on ingredients for the recipes.

A pet blog will have to spend money on supplies, food, and medicines. 

Or if you’re really dead-serious about blogging to make money, start with marketing research, like I did.

I organized an informal meeting/free seminar about freelance writing.

It was held in a coffee shop in Shaw.

In fact, I did it twice. 

Our first meetup in November 2018
Our second meetup in December 2018

That’s how I knew I have a market for this.

Below is a list of my expenses after blogging for one year

You will need Brand/Description Amount
WordPress Website Domain name Namecheap - 12 months $8.88
Web hosting Interserver - 12 months $54.00 Website content management system Free
Elementor Web page builder Free
Olsen Light WordPress theme Free
Gadgets Condenser mic Neweer-700 $32.98
Webcam Bought from Lazada $5.72
Soundcard For the condenser mic $26.98
Productivity tools Google Drive File storage Free
Trello task management Free
Zoho mail Business email address Free
Planoly Scheduling Pinterest posts Free
Hootsuite Scheduling FB page and IG posts Free
Ubersuggest Keyword research Free
Coschedule headline analyzer For writing SEO-friendly headlines Free
Canva Image layouts Free
Pexels Stock images Free
Whiteboard Task management $15.00
Traffic analytics Google search console Checks visibility of your website in Google Free
Google analytics Reports website traffic Free
Ahrefs SEO tool, 7-day trial $7.00
E-learning Udemy SEO course $10
Skillshare Annual premium membership $63.36
Marketing Facebook page Soc med marketing and management Free
Instagram Soc med marketing and management Free
Pinterest Soc med marketing and management Free
Facebook group Soc med marketing and management Free
Mailchimp Soc med marketing and management Free
Facebook ads To get more page likes $5.39
Business cards 100 pcs. $5.00
Video editing For YouTube $10.00
Free seminars Name tag and reg form For seminar attendees $1.00
Coffee for 2 $6.00
Dinner for 2 $16.00
Christmas giveaway Stationery set Gift sets $30.88
Grab express Send the giveaway to the children $2.80
Total as of January 16, 2020 $300.99
Amount declared in this table is in USD.

Okay, now that we’re seeing the numbers, I know you have questions.

Is it worth it?


Like I said, I was able to land high-paying clients because of my blogs.

No need to write unpaid blog samples on the spot. I just send them the URL of my website, and then comes the offer. 

I was able to get help. Last year, my self-care blog can’t keep up because I’m too busy. So, I hired content writers to fill in.  

Sometimes, I get prospect clients from Linkedin and Facebook. They said they’ve read my blog and want to know how we can work together.

Are you going to spend more this year?

For sure.

The business expenses are leverage to grow a business.

Right now, my blogs can survive with free tools.

Eventually, I’m going to switch to Elementor-pro, and Mailchimp premium. I’m also thinking of letting go of Hootsuite, and pay premium on Planoly instead. That way, all my socials will be managed in one place.

It’s a lot of work.

But again, IT’S WORTH IT.

What will the future bring?



Blogging to make money is like other careers. You have to build your foundation.

I am praying for more business deals in the days (and years) to come.

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How do bloggers make money? (Let’s spill the tea) Mon, 15 Jun 2020 08:45:31 +0000 This post may contain affiliate links. Please read the Disclaimer for more info.

If you’ve been blogging for years and STILL not making money, this is for you. Today, we will answer the most intriguing question of all: “How do bloggers make money?

If you started a blog as a hobby, and you don’t have any intention of making money off of it, you can skip this post and check out the ones I wrote about how to create a 12-month blog plan, blogger burnout, and how to overcome self-doubt

But if you’re here because you need direction to grow and monetize your blog, stick around because today, I will tell you some of the…

Most common ways of how do bloggers make money

Let’s get started.

1. Freelance services

When I first started The Greatest, my main goal is to build my personal brand for my freelance services. 

But starting a blog from scratch allowed me to learn about other aspects of the industry, which gave me more business opportunities on how to monetize my blog that will generate multiple income streams for me.

At present, over 80% of my income comes from my services. These are 

In fact, I have a special treat for new bloggers like you. 

How about I create your blog for free? 

This way, you can focus your time and energy on creating awesome content.

However, if you are a course junkie like myself, achieving clarity and understanding with WordPress will allow you to manage your website effectively. 

Chelsea of Her Paper Route recently launched the perfect course for you. 

Wicked at WordPress will help you achieve clarity and confidence in managing, and updating your website. No need to spend hundreds (even thousands) to hire a WordPress developer. 

Plus, when you enroll, you get lifetime access to the course and get all future updates for FREE. 

Click the image below to find out if Wicked at WordPress is for you.  

Wicked at WordPress by Her Paper Route Affiliate link The Greatest Digital Creatives

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2. Affiliate marketing

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s product in exchange for a commission. 

What I love about affiliate marketing is, you get to promote products you love and get paid without buying inventory. 

Besides, bloggers are known to review, test, and recommend products for their audience.

Don’t worry. Even if you don’t have a huge following yet, there are affiliate programs new bloggers like you can take advantage of.

To find what affiliate products fit your niche, check out my blog post below.

Related post: 30 High-Paying Affiliate Programs Perfect for New Bloggers 

3. Sponsored posts

Did you know that Kim Kardashian charges at least $250,000 per IG post?

What are sponsored posts?

Sponsored posts are paid advertisements created by a blogger or influencer for a brand. 

Some of the most common sponsored posts come in forms of an

  • Instagram post
  • Facebook page post
  • YouTube video
  • Blog post

(Did you watch a recent YouTube video where the creator mentioned a disclaimer that “This video is sponsored by ___?”)

The more followers you have, the more opportunities you get to do sponsored posts.  

Also, it would be helpful if you have a media kit handy. It gives companies and brands an idea if your target audience fit their demographics. 

If you are in the fashion and lifestyle niche, Instagram is one of the most common social media platforms to do sponsored posts. 

So, if this is one of your blogging goals this year, now’s your chance to get help from our Facebook group. Inside, we have daily threads that will help you grow your social media accounts.  


Related post: 10 Inspiring Media Kits from Bloggers

4. Ads

How do bloggers get paid by running ads? 

The first thing that will come to mind is Google Adsense especially if you also have a YouTube channel connected to your blog.

However, there are instances when Google Adsense will disappoint you.

Chances are, your account

  • Doesn’t get approved 
  • Disabled or suspended for unknown reasons
  • Ad revenue doesn’t even earn enough to treat yourself a Starbucks coffee 

There are alternatives that are waaaayyy better than Google Adsense.

These are:







SHE Media


But before you apply, check out the requirements first. Some require you to at least have 10,000 page views per month.

5. Selling your own products (physical and digital)

I see a lot of Pinterest pins saying how new bloggers earned their first $1k within 2 to 3 months of starting a blog.

In my honest opinion, that is possible if and ONLY IF, they’re already selling their own products prior to their launch.

If you don’t have a product in mind, the most common path is to create content consistently, grow your website traffic, and run ads (which takes time, by the way).  

But, if you’re ready to start selling from the get-go, you can earn within a few months by selling 

  • Printables
  • Ebooks
  • Books
  • Merch
  • Pinterest pin templates
  • Journals
  • Worksheets
  • Homeschool materials
  • Recipes
  • Stock photos

If you want to use a different platform in selling digital products separate from your blog, you can open a store in Creative Market.

Explore beautiful and ready-to-use creative assets, templates, font styles, and premium graphics. Open your store for free, plus get free products every Monday when you purchase from talented creators. 

Or if you want to stick with your WordPress website, you can install the Woo-commerce plugin to help you add your product listings and payment gateway.

6. Membership sites

How do bloggers make money through membership sites?

Membership sites have been very popular recently. 

Although maintaining a membership site is a lot of work compared to selling online courses, this will help you generate a steady income per month.

Did you know that you can turn an ordinary WordPress blog into a membership site?

You can use




But if you want to use a separate platform for your membership site, you can use




Related post: 7 Membership Sites That Make $100k per year 

7. Selling online courses

I am super grateful that even if I steered away from the academe, I still have the ability to pursue my love for teaching in my own terms. That is, by selling online courses. 

As I am writing this, I’m almost done recording videos for my course which will launch soon, yey!

I will announce the early bird offer via email. So, if you want to get first dibs on my course, please subscribe to my email list.


P.S. Massive freebies and discounts will be given to those who will take advantage of the early bird offer (wink). 

Related post: FREE SEO courses for new bloggers

8. Coaching and/or Mentoring programs

How do bloggers make money from coaching and/or mentoring programs?

You can charge as much as $75 for a 60-minute one-on-one coaching session. 

So if you provide expert advice on niches like taxation, real estate, and finance management, consider offering this to your audience. 

Related post: How to offer coaching services on your blog 

9. Speaking engagement

Last year, I was invited to be a keynote speaker about what I do as a freelance writer.

Honestly, I didn’t really expect that the school would give me anything. 

I hoped there’s free lunch and a certificate as a token of appreciation. 

But I came home with a certificate, a bag of goodies, and an envelope with my honorarium. 

In some cases, successful bloggers are invited to a huge speaking engagement or conference and be paid. 

Of course, it’s impossible now since we’re still in quarantine. 

But virtual conferences and webinars held via Zoom are very common. 

Plus, speaking in front of a new audience creates a new opportunity to promote your brand, products, and services. 

10. Podcast

Do you listen to Getting Curious by Jonathan Van Ness?

He interviews some of the smartest people on the planet about anything that makes him curious.

You too can be invited in such collaboration.

Not every guest’s appearance is “monetized”. But like others, this is an excellent way to reach a much wider audience and increase your online visibility.

How do bloggers get paid?

Now that we know the different ways on how to monetize blogs, let’s talk about getting paid. Is there really money involved? All the time?

First, let’s dive into…

1. Exchange deals

Not all brand partnerships can be monetized at first. Others start with exchange deals.

What are exchange deals?

It is an agreement between the blogger or influencer to share or post a review or recommendation in exchange for free products or services.

If you love watching beauty gurus sharing PR boxes, those can be exchange deals. 

While some companies don’t really require bloggers or influencers to post a product review, this is actually a good start especially for new bloggers to showcase their creativity and build a professional relationship with brands and their audience. 

But just to put it out there, not all product recommendations are exchange deals. A lot of new bloggers spend their own money to buy products to review. This is a ‘business expense.”

But if there’s money involved, the law requires bloggers to put out a disclaimer. For my legal pages, I got my legal bundle from Amira of She is a lawyer/blogger offering legal templates to online businesses.


Related post: Protect your blog legally: The stress-free guide to legal pages for new bloggers

Now, the money.

2. Send an invoice 

There are apps you can use to send invoices to your clients. Some of the most common are 



Or download a free invoice template here

What currency should I use?

If you’re dealing with international clients, sending an invoice in USD is the most convenient.

But for local clients, our local currency works just as well.

how do bloggers get paid? The Greatest Digital Creatives


In the end, how do bloggers get paid depends on how you treat your blog as a business.

Without it, it’s easy to experience blogger burnout and eventually rule out your desire to make money. 

Moreover, how do bloggers make money isn’t just about having the perfect product or service to sell. But also, how you build and maintain a solid relationship with your audience. 

Selling is easy as soon as you’re able to establish trust between you and your followers.

Aaand, there’s no such thing as an overnight success. 

Trust in your process. 

Be brave to pursue your long term blogging goals.

I hope you find this helpful.

What products or services do you plan to offer soon?

Take care.

How to overcome self-doubt as a new blogger Fri, 12 Jun 2020 09:08:42 +0000 Do you experience self-doubt as a new blogger? Hello, everyone. How are ya? Here’s another tough-to-tackle subject when you start a blog, how to overcome self-doubt.  

Every time I create something “extraordinary”, I feel that the devil is on my shoulder whispering to my ear.

You’re not good enough.”

“People are gonna hate you.”

“You can’t protect yourself and your goals.”

Turns out, it’s not the devil, but me. 

Yep, I am my worst critic. 

Somehow, I find it easy to expect the worst and get my game face on.

Think Art of War by Sun Tzu.

Rather than be blinded with toxic positivity.

Somehow, there are instances when my self-doubt as a new blogger is killing my momentum, my vision, and everything that defines my blogging goals. 

But I’m not here to talk about how much of a pessimist I am. 

I am here to share the things I do to overcome self-doubt to achieve my long-term and short term goals. 

But first, let’s talk about…

Reasons why you experience self-doubt as a new blogger

1. Past mistakes

The Greatest is my 4th blog to date. 

I started my first blog in college. Back then blogging was simply for the purpose of having an online diary. I used Blogger for this. I write music reviews, and essays to impress my favorite professor (grin).

My second blog was about teaching. I started this blog five years ago, I think. Here, I shared:

  • Teaching materials and where to find them online
  • Rubric for school projects
  • School events
  • Photos of my students and their projects

The third is a self-care blog is currently for sale. I am in the process of making improvements to increase its value. So, if you’re interested, message me and I’ll share the details.

Why did they fail?

I completely lost my interest in them. 

When you start a blog, you are the first person to love and appreciate it. If not, what would you expect your readers to feel?

2. My content sucks

Does it bother you when you see a blogger creating better content than you? 

Michelle Phan (my favorite beauty guru forever and ever) is a pioneer in the YouTube beauty industry.

She has steered away from YouTube (and is now back, yass).

On the other hand, I also love Denitslava, Jeffreestar, and Johnreyslife  (yep, in that order).

Imagine, if it weren’t for these beauty gurus showing up after Michelle Phan, what would the beauty industry be like? 

So going back to our question, does it bother you when you see a blogger creating better content than you?

Is that a VALID reason to give up?

Oh, hell no.

Sure, it will crush your self-esteem and motivation for a while.

But know that for every content you create, you are contributing to your niche.  

Aaaand it doesn’t mean yours is the worst. 

You’ll get there. Promise.

3. I am afraid to put my work out in the world

Do you consider yourself an introvert? Do you think being an introvert is a contributing factor why you experience self-doubt as a new blogger?

Anyway, I like to think that the internet can be anyone’s best friend, including introverts.

You can blog anonymously. 

You can find introverts like you. 

And, to be honest, you don’t need the whole world to pay attention to you.

The key is to target the right audience.

4. No one reads anymore

If you think that no one reads anymore, you’re mistaken. People still read. It’s only a matter of what kind of reading materials they’re into. 

Some prefer audiobooks. Others like listening to podcasts. 

We acquire information from the internet based on our interests and how we want to be entertained.  

Therefore, blogs aren’t limited to the type of content that’s text-based.

You can utilize other forms like videos, audio, infographics, etc.  

Related post: What is content marketing? How to get amazing results

5. I don’t have the time

Don’t be fooled by Facebook ads that say blogging is a get-rich-quick scheme. 

Believe me, it’s not. 

Starting a blogging business is a marathon. While some niches grow fast, others take time.

So, if it’s been a month since you started blogging and you’re not seeing a lot of progress yet, it’s normal to experience self-doubt. But if you were able to set proper expectations, and give yourself a realistic timeline to learn and grow, this will help you overcome self-doubt. 

6. Blogging is against EVERYTHING that I believed in as a writer

I am a literature major. Blog writing is completely against what I was taught in college. 

I am used to reading and writing long sentences and paragraphs. On the other hand, blog writing is the opposite. 

  • Blog posts are scannable and skimmable 
  • You need sub-headings to improve readability
  • Long sentences and paragraphs are allowed, but not recommended 
  • Texts should be in bold and/or italicized for emphasis
  • You need to write as if you’re talking to a grade school student

If you’re used to academic writing, you may have a bit of trouble adjusting.

However, if your target audience is professionals in your field, then use the format you’re used to (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).

However, if you are looking for a more friendly approach to your readers, you may have to tone down a bit. Write as if you’re having a conversation with a close friend.

Share your expertise, but be approachable, not overwhelming.

7. SEO, who?

When I first started offering freelance services as a content writer, I didn’t know what SEO means.

When I started The Greatest, that’s when I realized how important SEO is for any type of online business.

Your lack of knowledge with SEO can be a huge factor why you experience self-doubt as a new blogger.

But this shouldn’t stop you from curating quality content for your readers.

Related post: 5 Simple SEO Tips for Bloggers to Rank #1 on Google

8. I’m scared of what will people say

I think of my blog as a business. Therefore, I don’t share anything “business-related” to my personal Facebook account.

Besides, my Facebook friends aren’t my target audience. Honestly, I don’t think they have any idea what I’m up to (wink). 

Yes, I’m still scared about what others will say, especially those that matter most.

But if I will allow this feeling to get to me, I won’t be able to overcome self-doubt.



How to overcome self-doubt as a new blogger

1. Take a break

How often do you publish a blog post? If you are posting 3 to 5 times a week, hold your horses, gurl. You need a break.

I know blogging excites you.

Be careful though.

As soon as you become overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done, chances are you will experience blogger burnout which can possibly lead to self-doubt as a new blogger.

Also, blogging isn’t just about creating content. You still need to promote, create products, offer services, etc.

Cut yourself some slack.

Related post: Simple and Practical Tips to Pursue Smart Blogging Goals

2. STOP comparing yourself to other bloggers

This, for me is the toughest.

It’s super hard not to compare yourself to other bloggers.

But to overcome self-doubt, you need to see your strength as a blogger. And that is, to acknowledge your uniqueness.

For example, there are thousands of food blogs around the world. What makes yours different?

3. Focus on what you can give

Blogging is the business of helping others.

For me, I help new bloggers get unstuck in the learning phase.

How about you?

A colleague once told me,

“Cherrie, you cannot give what you do not have.”

Once you know what your target audience wants from you, that’s your cue to create quality content for them.

You will overcome self-doubt as soon as you get positive responses from your readers. Know what kind of help they want from you, and deliver.

4. Choose to be brave

You’re just getting started.

This isn’t the time to expect that you will fail.

Which leads us to my next tip.

5. Have a plan A, B, and C

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

A solid plan will allow you to overcome self-doubt and help you find the direction you need to achieve your blogging goals.

Your not-so-juicy- monthly blog planner (that works) The Greatest Digital Creatives by Cherrie Ann Balictar

Related post: How to create a 12-month blog plan and crush it 

6. Practice self-affirmations

Today is gonna be a good day.”

I have been recently attracted to the law of attraction. I know, there’s no scientific basis to it. But when you allow positive energy to attract you and your goals, it will happen.

So, aside from waking up at 6 AM every day, I made it a habit to tell myself that, “Today is gonna be a good day.”

Honestly, this simple statement is so powerful, that it allows me to overcome self-doubt and spend the rest of my day on a positive note. It’s amazing.


7. Ignore Mr/Ms. Know-it-all

Bashers? Trolls? Online critics? 

I know it’s hard to not care.

For me, it is important to surround yourself with people who understand you and your goals. That’s why I created a Facebook group for new bloggers like you.

how to overcome self-doubt as a new blogger The Greatest Digital Creatives

8. Forgive yourself

Accept that not everything is under your control.

People will unfollow you Instagram.

Pinterest will steal your monthly views.

Facebook will restrict your URL in Facebook groups.

But, you know what? It doesn’t matter.

Focus on things you can control.

  • Publish at least once a week.
  • Create fresh pins every day.
  • Share your blog post in Facebook groups
  • Write guest posts

The list goes on.

Choose to be brave.

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9. Make friends

When I started joining Facebook groups for bloggers, I was a little intimidated.

You see, there are members who have 5 blogs, and earn thousands per month.

I, on the other hand, is just getting started and my income is from offering freelance services and affiliate marketing.

But when I started participating in daily threads, and receive compliments about how “pretty” my blog is, I realized, I’m in the right place.

You see, it’s ironic that we get support from “strangers.” But that’s the beauty of starting a blogging business. You’ll never know how much support you can get from people who can relate to you.

Related post: 15 Highly-profitable freelance services new bloggers can offer

10. Get help

Would you rather have someone take care of the techie side of WordPress, so you can focus your time and energy creating awesome content?

How about Pinterest? Would you rather spend more time on your business rather than spend days (or months) knowing the ins and outs of a new platform?

Book your free 30-minute discovery call with me.

Related post: Flying solo: Can I start my blogging business alone?


It’s okay to experience self-doubt as a new blogger.

What’s not okay, is to succumb to it and let it defeat you and your blogging goals. 

You see, not everything will turn out as planned. In the end, it’s your grit and your persistence to overcome obstacles that will pave the way for your success.

To overcome self-doubt, the trick is to keep breathing. 

Always, always remember your “why”.

Take care.


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10 Best FREE WordPress themes for lifestyle bloggers Mon, 08 Jun 2020 10:08:13 +0000 This post may contain affiliate links. Please see the Disclaimer for more info.

Do you want a sexy-lookin’ blog that your readers will love? Don’t worry, I gotchu. Today, we’ll talk about WordPress themes for lifestyle bloggers.

What is a WordPress theme? 

A WordPress theme is the overall design of your website. It is the backbone of your blog appearance. 

For example, in my blog, I’m using the Olsen Light WordPress theme. Before, I am using OceanWP. 

How to install WordPress themes?

WordPress themes can be changed and managed by going to your Dashboard > Appearance > Themes

blog post  10 Best FREE WordPress themes for lifestyle bloggers The Greatest Digital Creatives by Cherrie Ann Balictar

There are two ways to install WordPress themes. 

First, you go to Themes> Add New > Search for a theme > Install > Activate.

blog post  10 Best FREE WordPress themes for lifestyle bloggers The Greatest Digital Creatives by Cherrie Ann Balictar

Second is to go to Themes> Add New > Upload Theme > Choose File > Install now. You can use this method if you purchased a premium WordPress theme, too.

blog post  10 Best FREE WordPress themes for lifestyle bloggers The Greatest Digital Creatives by Cherrie Ann Balictar

However, if your desired WordPress theme is available by using the search bar, the first option works well, too. 

How can I customize my website? 

Each WordPress theme comes with features that you can customize ie. typography, accent color, custom menu, and overall layout. 

But for added functionality, you can use a page builder like Elementor

I have been using Elementor ever since I started The Greatest. I use it to customize my web pages. 

To use Elementor, just go to the page or post you want to edit > Edit with Elementor.

blog post  10 Best FREE WordPress themes for lifestyle bloggers The Greatest Digital Creatives by Cherrie Ann Balictar

Here, you will see me editing the bottom of my About Me page. 

Elementor gives you 2 options in editing a web page block. 

First is to create using a blank slate. 

When you click the + icon, different block options will appear. It’s up to you which layout you want to use. I always use the first.

blog post  10 Best FREE WordPress themes for lifestyle bloggers The Greatest Digital Creatives by Cherrie Ann Balictar

The second option is by using templates. Here, you will find 3 sections, blocks, pages, and saved templates. These options will help you customize your page with no coding required.

What I love about Elementor, is there are pre-made templates that I can copy. I can change the color, text, and image to go with the overall look of my website. 

blog post  10 Best FREE WordPress themes for lifestyle bloggers The Greatest Digital Creatives by Cherrie Ann Balictar

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How do I choose a theme for my website?

Ah, the most dreadful step of all, choosing THE BEST WordPress theme.

Honestly, I don’t have all the answers. Sure, I like my WordPress theme now. But who knows, in a year or two, I will change my mind when I see a new one that looks more stylish and elegant.

However, there are ways for you to find “THE ONE”.

  1. Create a list of WordPress theme features you want
  2. Choose a responsive WordPress theme. Responsive means your WordPress theme must look good on all devices ie laptop/PC, phones, and tablets.
  3. Choose a theme that has easy to read fonts.
  4. Choose a WordPress theme that best represents you and your vision
  5. If you still can’t decide, consult a WordPress designer/developer

What are the best FREE WordPress themes for Lifestyle bloggers? 

Some of these themes have a free built-in slider which allows you to highlight some of your best content. These themes are also compatible with Woo-commerce, one-click demo import, and page-builder integration like Elementor.


Accelerate Feminine WordPress themes


Ashe Feminine WordPress themes

Blossom Health Coach

Blossom Health Coach Feminine WordPress Themes


Cenote Feminine WordPress themes


Fashionista Feminine WordPress themes

Feminine Style

Feminine style Feminine WordPress themes


Holland Feminine WordPress themes


Juliet Feminine WordPress themes


Kale Feminine WordPress themes

Olsen Light

Olsen Feminine WordPress themes

Silk Lite

Silk Feminine WordPress themes

Are premium WordPress themes worth it?

Getting a premium WordPress theme for me is a serious business expense. If you can’t achieve the functionality you get in the free version, then go with the pro. 

However, you might want to consider getting a page builder like Elementor first. Perhaps, the kind of customization you want can be achieved from it.

But if you’re only starting out, you may not want to splurge on WordPress themes yet. Instead, use your money for blogging tools like Tailwind in scheduling Pinterest pins, or Planoly for Instagram posts.  



There you have it, my list of free WordPress themes for lifestyle bloggers. 

Which one do you like best?

Are you using a WordPress theme that’s not in the list? 

Let me know in the comments. Take care. 

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35 Must-join Facebook groups for bloggers: Blogging tips, promotion, and growth Wed, 03 Jun 2020 08:24:16 +0000 Are you an active Facebook user? If yes, then I’m sure you’ve created, managed, or joined a Facebook group or two. 

What is a Facebook group? 

A Facebook group is a public or private community of Facebook users with common interests. In our case, there are Facebook groups for bloggers.

Are there rules to follow when you join Facebook groups for bloggers?


First, you need to answer a few questions for gates to open.

If not, it clearly means you’re not really serious about getting in. 

By answering questions, Facebook group owners learn about the people who want to join their group. Moreover, it allows group owners to prevent lurkers, scammers, and trolls from destroying the peace and integrity of a particular Facebook group community.

Facebook is even dead serious about the spread of fake news these days. In fact, in my Facebook group, there’s a Group Quality tab. It says Facebook will notify me when a member violates certain community guidelines or distributes fake news.  

I’m very pleased with how Facebook is treating my group, too. Some of my members come from “Facebook group suggestions”.

Thanks, Facebook. Wuv wuv. 🙂


What are the benefits of joining Facebook groups for bloggers?

1. Think “International”

Most Facebook groups for bloggers are created by U.S. based bloggers. But, bloggers from around the world are welcome. It’s an incredible feeling to be part of a global community. Plus, it motivates you to grow each day and know the latest in the blogging industry.

2. Meet fellow bloggers in your niche

Are you a lifestyle blogger looking for inspiration? Facebook groups are perfect places to find fellow bloggers in your niche. Make new friends. Offer guest post opportunities or podcast interviews.

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3. Offer your services 

If you are a blogger offering freelance services (like me), you will find clients inside Facebook groups. So, if you’re tired of looking for online jobs in platforms like Upwork or LinkedIn, Facebook groups are one of the best places out there to find jobs.

4. Get “legit” blogging tips 

From choosing your domain name, up to productivity hacks, members inside Facebook groups for bloggers will always lend a hand. You may not find the best answer (always). But members share their own experience, failures, and success in blogging. Nothing can be more legit than that. 

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5. Achieve an increase in website traffic

Inside Facebook groups for bloggers are daily threads.

For example, Jen’s Facebook group Pinfinite Traffic for Bloggers, is focused on driving traffic to your blog through Pinterest. You can participate in daily threads like Pin click 50, Pin click 20, Pin comments, and Blog Clicks. 

If you join her threads every day, it’s impossible not to get hundreds of website clicks every week.

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6. Find great deals for online courses

There are bloggers who join and/or create Facebook groups to promote digital products ie. courses, ebooks, coaching sessions. Sometimes, they offer exclusive discount codes and affiliate programs for group members.

Or group members get first dibs on free and new products. For example inside my Facebook group, I upload my free blogging resources in the units tab first, before making the announcement on my Facebook page. Therefore, my members get their free copies first.

35 Must-join Facebook groups for bloggers

Here is a list of Facebook groups that will help you promote, ask questions, learn a thing or two about entrepreneurship, and offer services.  

  1. The Greatest by Cherrie Ann Balictar
  2. Pinfinite Traffic for Bloggers by Jen Towkaniuk
  3. Goal Digger Podcast Insiders by Jenna Kutcher
  4. Becoming a Blogger by Cate Rosales
  5. Aselfguru- Biz Blog Community by Amira Irfan
  6. Bloggers Camp by Arfa Nazeer
  7. Blogging for New Bloggers by Lucrezia and Marina
  8. Writing Revolters by Jorden Makelle
  9. WPBeginner Engage- WordPress help for Non-Techies
  10. Morgs Eliz: Online Boss Squad
  11. Bloggers Unite on Pinterest
  12. Blogging Babes Collective by Sasha Lassey
  13. Pinterest for Lady Bloggers & Business Owners
  14. Blogger Supporting Bloggers by Jasmine Watts
  15. Blogging Boss Chicks by  Ashly of The Rich Girl Blog
  16. Barefoot Bloggers
  17. Boss Girl Bloggers by Ell Duclos
  18. Create and Go Blogging Community by Alex and Lauren
  19. Blogging Newbs of McKinzie Bean of
  20. Inside Search by Matthew Woodward
  21. Easy Blogging by Emily of
  22. Golden Bloggerz: Online Blogging Community by Chris Kosto
  23. Click Through Blogging
  24. Rank Math SEO Plugin
  25. Pinterest Follow 4 Follow, Repins, and Comments
  26. Pinterest Pals by Amber Temeritti Lozzi
  27. Connect and Cultivate with Ivory Mix
  28. The Teachable Tribe
  29. Content Writers – (Hiring + Projects)
  30. New Bloggers Support Group for Women by Lisa Roe
  31. Raelyn’s Online Business Friends
  32. Bright Bloggers + Business by Allison Lindstrom and Kristin Larsen
  33. Boost Your Blog 101
  34. Help a Blogger Out
  35. Pinterest Ninjas with Megan Johnson


Facebook groups for bloggers are excellent avenues to meet fellow bloggers, collaborate, self-promote, and offer services. 

But know that in order for you to benefit from these Facebook groups, you must PARTICIPATE.  You can do so by commenting on daily threads, asking questions, and of course, taking action. 

Lastly, do not be intimidated. Some members have been blogging for years. Others earn at least $1000/month (or more). As a new blogger, it’s difficult not to feel the pressure. However, this is exactly what we need. When you find a community that understands you and your blogging goals, the journey somehow gets easy and more purposeful.

Take care.

Flying solo: Can I start my (blogging) business alone? Sat, 30 May 2020 22:00:00 +0000 Is it wise to start a blogging business flying solo, or get a partner? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to my blog. If you’re new here, “Hi. How are ya?”

Today is another tough-to-tackle subject in the blogging business. 

Flying solo, or get a partner? 

It’s amazing how solo bloggers outperform company bloggers. But if you’re a newbie blogger, building a blog that creates consistent monthly income is like going through the eye of a needle. 

However, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Businesses have gone digital due to the situation we’re going through.  

Still, the truth remains that the blogging business can stand the test of time.

It is only a matter of being open to change, being resilient, and adapting to new trends so you won’t be left out. 

But then again, the question lies… 

Can you run a (blogging) business by yourself?

Let’s have the option of hiring VA’s off the table. Besides, flying solo doesn’t mean you’re ACTUALLY SOLO. You can always hire somebody per hour or per task/project as needed.

Besides, hiring seasonal employees or freelancers will allow you to focus more and prioritize tasks that are essential in growing your blogging business. 

What I want to talk about is getting a business partner. 

The Yin to your Yang. 

The cheese in your macaroni. 

The Robin to your Batman. 

My answer is Yasss. 

Flying solo and running a blogging business is hard AF. But it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

There are bloggers who started flying solo, but soon realize that having business partners to make sure that their blog is running smoothly, is an excellent boss move after all.

Couples can be a powerhouse, too.  

Let me give you examples.

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Project Vanity 

For anything beauty related, my go-to blog is Project Vanity by Liz Lanuzo. If you are passionate about starting a blogging business, she is hands down, someone you can’t miss. 

Liz started Project Vanity in 2008 (I hope I’m not mistaken) flying solo for 8 years. Fast forward to today, her blog now has 24 contributors plus guest writers.

Aside from Project Vanity, Liz owns In Her Element, a cruelty-free skincare brand. 

Project Vanity is currently under her corporation LLB, Inc. for 4 years now and managed along with her business partners.

While Liz, remains the “face” of Project Vanity, having contributors and business partners allow the blog to produce content every month consistently and in a timely manner. 

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blog post Flying solo: Can I start my (blogging) business alone? The Greatest Digital Creatives

Create and Go 

Create and Go is created by love birds, Alex and Lauren.  They also own a weight-loss blog Avocadu.

blog post Flying solo: Can I start my (blogging) business alone? The Greatest Digital Creatives

Start a Mom Blog is created by Suzi Whitford, a work from home mom and married to a fellow engineer. Because of the massive success of Start a Mom Blog helping mothers like her start a blogging business from home, she was able to retire her husband from his full-time job so they can run the business together. 

blog post Flying solo: Can I start my (blogging) business alone? The Greatest Digital Creatives

How about YouTubers?  

Well, there’s Cute Polish by Sandi.

There was a phase in my life when I became hooked with nail polish. Primarily because of a fellow teacher who loves nail art. So, I started following Cute Polish on YouTube. I think by the time she hits a million subscribers, she started uploading videos in collaboration with other YouTubers. 

Now, Sandi is collaborating with 4 other nail artists.

Based on these examples, you can tell that these content creators made executive decisions to grow their brand by adding contributors to the picture. 

And I must say, things did work out for them. 

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But how would you know that getting a partner is the best move for your blog?

Well, let’s dive into the pros and cons.


Reasons why you should start a blogging business alone


Game face on, people. Since you’re flying solo, the spotlight is yours. Therefore, you are in absolute control of your blogging business.

2. Uneven commitment 

If your blog is making money, it’s a business. 

If not, it’s a hobby.

Do you see Facebook friends typing “interested” or “me” in the comments whenever you announce something spectacular? 

No sweat.

But, if you dive into details, prepare to be seen zoned.

You see, the excitement is always there. But when people realize the amount of work that needs to be done, the excitement will die down and you’re seen zoned once more. 

It’s easy to convince people to say YASS to a brilliant idea, especially if it revolves around making money.

BUT, when the going gets tough, chances are, you’ll end up sitting in front of your computer, alone, all-day, every day trying to make ends meet. 

Saying yes is one thing. Commitment is another. 

So, if you can’t find someone that is as committed and dedicated as you, flying solo is your best option. 

You can’t afford to have a blogging business partner that has other priorities, and won’t hold the end of the bargain because “life happens”. 

3. Bitch move vs boss move

Honestly, there are times when I can’t differentiate between the two. 

As a solopreneur, I am a bitch when things go haywire. 

At the same time, I am a boss when it comes to planning and making decisions.

I am both because it’s my right and I take responsibility for my actions.

It’s hard to be a considerate boss when you know that things are falling apart and it’s not even your fault.  

Again, it’s a business you’re building, not a hobby. If you can’t find someone with this mindset, you’re definitely better off alone.

4. Flying solo teaches discipline

Because I’m flying solo, my blog won’t run without me. Therefore, I need to create new habits that will help me get stuff done. 

My new habit is getting up at 6 AM every day. NO ALARMS. 

Honestly, I can’t believe I actually did it. I was never a morning person. I like working at night. Plus, I need to adhere to my clients’ time zone especially those who are U.S. based. 

But I’m actually proud and happy that waking up early has changed me. I have a few hours of quiet time, more playtime with my dogs, and I can be on work-mode at 9 or 10 AM. 

My next goal, stay consistent with Pinterest.

5. Dreams can come true

“Am I pursuing my dreams, or someone else’s?” 

This thought has haunted me while I was in the academe. I was a former college instructor, teaching Literature and English subjects to droopy college students (wink). 

Heck, I even pursued a master’s degree (that I didn’t finish) because I “dreamed” to become a full-fledged professor. 

Then, after my first writing gig as a course creator, I started questioning my career goals. 

Fast forward to today, I am still flabbergasted at how my career has turned out. Sure, it’s not conventional, but I love what I do. And I’m glad that I finally chose the path that I find purposeful. 

6. Income is ALL YOURS

Let’s talk about money. 

As a solopreneur, whatever it is that you earned from your blogging business is all yours. 

No if’s and but’s. 

Okay, well you need to pay taxes and all that thingamajig.

But overall, income is forever yours.

7. It’s easy to do collabs

If you like watching YouTube (Drama channels, hi, how are ya?), I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of collabs from your favorite channels. 

Collabs are great in reaching a much wider audience. It can be beneficial in both channels. 

Lastly, it doesn’t destroy the fact that you are still the star of your channel. No one is stealing your spotlight. 

Imagine Joe Rogan interviewing Elon Musk. It’s still Joe Rogan’s show. The episode just became juicier because of his special guest. 

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I'll build your website for free The Greatest Digital Creatives

Cons of starting a blogging business alone

1. Slow growth

If you are learning and implementing as you go, growth is going to be really slow. You will miss your personal deadlines, can’t take more client work, and miss a task or two.

2. You CAN’T be absent

Raise your hand if you haven’t published anything in a month. Hehe. 

We all know how important it is to ALWAYS show up, no matter what. Obviously, as a solopreneur, it can’t be helped to miss a Facebook post or two. 

I can’t spend hours on Instagram. 

I spend at least 3 days to finish one blog post. 

While your audience loves you to always BE THERE, it does take a lot of discipline and preparation to be consistent in marketing yourself online.

And if you don’t move, no one else will.

3. Blogger Burnout

For me, blogger burnout is inevitable. But it can be managed. In a previous blog post, I shared a few practical tips in times when I’m about to tear my hair out of frustration. 

Regardless, I also think of blogger burnout as an advantage. Imagine, not having any problem running a blogging business. Uhm, there must be something fishy going on there. 

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4. Business expenses are ALL YOURS, too

If the income is all yours, business expenses are yours, too. 

Business expenses range from online courses, WordPress plugins, Tailwind, legal pages, you name it. 

The money you will use to purchase all these will come from your pocket. 

It’s normal to spend money on your blogging business. But if your bank account isn’t ready, you may have to save up to afford the tools you need for your blog to run smoothly.

5. You can’t have an employee mindset

As a solopreneur, you have to ditch your employee mindset. 

Remember, you’re the boss and you’re flying solo.

Therefore, you can’t fire anyone but you (wink). 

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So what’s your next move? 

Now that I have shared the pros and cons of flying solo in starting a blogging business, here are tips on what you can do next.

1. Declutter your blog a-la Marie Kondo

Clear your WordPress dashboard.

Delete post drafts you’ve been keeping for months.

Think of this exercise as something similar to decluttering your room or workplace. Decluttering your blog allows you to eliminate distractions and achieve clarity towards your business goals. 

2. Create a plan 

How do you see your blog in the future? 

Do you want to sell your own products?

How many page views do you want to achieve every month?

If you don’t have answers to these questions yet, now is the time for you to step back and assess how you can lead your new blog towards this direction. 

Your not-so-juicy- monthly blog planner (that works) The Greatest Digital Creatives by Cherrie Ann Balictar

3. Decide NOW

So, would you take the risk of flying solo, or get a partner?

I remember what my college professor always tell us:

Damn if you do. Damn if you don’t. Choose the lesser evil.

It’s best that you make the decision now. In case you decide to go with the latter, have a written agreement prepared. Request for complete transparency ie. division of labor, expenses, percentage of ownership, income, etc.

In case things don’t work out, you can go on separate ways with no hard feelings. 

If you want to fly solo, well, kudos to you. 

Here’s a virtual high five to you for taking responsibility for your blogging goals. 

See you at the top 🙂



Flying solo and starting a blogging business is the biggest, most important decision I’ve made. I did it because I don’t want to be 100% dependent on client work. I see a lot of freelancers lose clients every day and have no idea how to start over.  

Starting a blog is my wake-up call. 

I can help clients make money with my services.

At the same time, I can benefit from my skills, too. 

The Greatest saved me. At times when I succumb to self-doubt, I look at my blog and see that well, it’s not perfect, but it’s mine. 

And I will never stop appreciating my life’s work. 

Take care. 

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Blogger Burnout: How to cut the overwhelm and earn more as a new blogger Fri, 29 May 2020 09:14:30 +0000 Are you a new blogger? When was the last time you experienced blogger burnout? 

Blogger burnout is something that I experience every day. Yup, this is not an exaggeration. But, what keeps me going are the simple tips for new bloggers that I will share today. 

Common signs of blogger burnout

So how would you know if you are showing symptoms of blogger burnout?

  1. Writer’s block
  2. SEO, who?
  3. No one’s subscribing to your email list
  4. You’re a slave to your laptop/computer
  5. Blogging interferes with your “life”
  6. It’s hard to keep up with the latest trends (Hi, Tiktok. How are ya?)
  7. You stare at a blank screen for hours (even days)
  8. You hate the thought of no one supporting you
  9. You’re not making money
  10. “Why am I doing this, again?”

How to overcome blogger burnout: tips for new bloggers

1. Remember your “Why”

If you’re new to my blog, welcome. Here, I share tips for new bloggers like goal-setting, Pinterest management, and WordPress. In a previous blog post, I explained how knowing your “why” is very important. This will help you build a solid foundation as to why you’re starting a blog in the first place. 

Are you saying yes to blogging, but can’t commit? If this is you, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your goals. 

2. Create a routine

I was never a morning person. But, I have been waking up at 6 AM every day. No alarms. Whew.   

I realized that getting rid of bad habits isn’t magic. You need a reason why you want to change. Mine is, I need to get more stuff done. So far, this new habit has been doing well for me. Plus, I feel that mornings are giving me the extra boost to start my day with positive thoughts. 

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3. Try not to skip meals

I’m adding this to the list, even if I suck at it. We all know how important it is to eat well. But, sometimes, time just flies.  My remedy? Batch cooking. I just grab something from the fridge, reheat it, and voila. Lunch/dinner is served. 

Plus, my temper is at capacity. And it reaches it’s dangerous peak when I’m suuuper hungry. Therefore, it’s important that I am full before I sit in front of my computer. If not, I prepare snacks like boiled plantain (nilagang saging na saba), grilled cheese sandwich, or sweet potatoes (boiled or caramelized).

4. Hydrate

Of course, keeping ourselves hydrated is just as important. Sometimes, it helps to set an alarm. This forces me to step away from the computer, rest my eyes a bit, and drink a glass of water (or two).

I love my coffee and tea. But water is still the real deal.

5. Create a happy workspace

While some go for a minimalist setup, others prefer a fancy workspace. This is really up to you. You can manage blogger burnout as long you create ways to help you stay focused and surround yourself with positivity.

6. Do not publish blog posts too often 

How often do you blog? 

How long does it take for you to hit publish?

I publish once a week. Sometimes, I break this goal because there are instances when writing the actual post isn’t enough. I need to create blogging resources like printables, update my landing page on Mailchimp, create pins, and FB/IG posts. When these tasks pile up, I have no choice but to reschedule. 

So, if you publish at least 3 times a week without compromising the quality of your work, kudos to you. 

But again, the question lies, “How long can you keep up?” 

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Your not-so-juicy- monthly blog planner (that works) The Greatest Digital Creatives by Cherrie Ann Balictar

7. Log out

If I don’t respond to your messages on Facebook or Instagram, that means I’m in “work mode’. I log out of social media so I can laser focus on writing. Sometimes, I listen to classical jazz.

My eyesight has been deteriorating. Proofreading has become very tedious. Good thing there’s Grammarly. It auto-corrects spelling and grammar which is such a relief. 

Free & Quick Proofreading from Grammarly!

8. Get help

I have mentioned earlier that one of the reasons of blogger burnout is being overwhelmed. There’s so much work to do. 

The solution? Outsource.

VA services for bloggers is very common. You can take advantage of done-for-you services like Instagram post packages, Pinterest management services, even hire someone to ghostwrite for you. 

At first, blogging can be a one-man show. But eventually, you’re gonna have to hire a team to take care of mundane tasks such as: 

Facebook group moderator

Email copywriter

Social media manager 

Pinterest manager 

Content writer 


WordPress developer

I'll build your website for free The Greatest Digital Creatives

 If you’ve been going solo for months, or years, delegating tasks to others can be hard at first. But imagine how much time you will save to handle your “business” effectively. 

9. Build relationships

Since I rebranded The Greatest, I have met amazing bloggers on Facebook and Pinterest. Of course, there are times when I’m a little jealous, especially when they share their income reports.

But being surrounded by people in the same industry makes a lot of difference. They inspire me to be better every day. 


10. Take a break

Sunday is my rest day. Mornings are spent playing with my dogs, feeding them, doing the laundry, and/or batch cooking. Sometimes, I catch up on Netflix shows like Better Call Saul. 

Since we’re still in quarantine, I watch live streams on Facebook to “attend” Sunday mass.

Before going to bed, that’s the only time I jot down my goals for the week.

11. Be kind to yourself

There are instances when I feel like giving up. My Pinterest traffic is down. My bounce rate is increasing. There are people unfollowing me on Instagram and Facebook. 

But at the end of the day, these issues don’t bother me anymore. 

I’d rather focus on creating valuable content rather than dwell on my “failures”.

12. Learn. Apply. Monetize. 

If you are stuck in the learning phase, I feel you. But at the end of the day, you have to be stronger than your excuses. 

Give yourself ample time to learn how to start a blog. Then, use your skills and resources to implement new knowledge. And finally, start making money.



Blogger burnout is real. But it can be managed. 

Re-evaluate your goals. Trust your process. Lastly, never ever give up. 

How often do you experience blogger burnout? 

What’s your secret mantra to overcome it. 

Share it in the comments. 

Take care. 

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